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Kiss the Hippo

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Kiss the Hippo

Kiss the Hippo

Kiss the Hippo is a relative newcomer to the specialty coffee roasting scene. Founded by Can Eren, the company boasts an enviable management team.

Wholesale manager, Paul Ross, is the current 2020 UK Barista Champion, and the Head of Coffee, Joshua Tarlo, is the 2018 UK Barista Champion (and runner up this year to Paul).

The company’s logo, a red hippo on a white background, is everywhere to be found on the company’s merchandise.

As well as serving exceptional coffees, at the company’s core is being as environmentally friendly as possible. Their website states that the roastery ‘is powered using 100% renewable energy, which means all of our coffees are roasted carbon-neutral.’

The coffee is roasted using the Loring Smart Roaster, providing 80 percent fuel savings and reduction of greenhouse gases compared to conventional roasters.

The roastery is also certified as organic by the Soil Association. Kiss the Hippo sources at least 80 percent of their green coffee from certified organic producers.

The coffees on offer are, of course, of the highest quality. Many have been processed using alternative methods, yieldly pleasantly interesting coffees.

Kiss the Hippo also regularly features rare varietals. Last year, they had perhaps the most famous of them all, Panama’s Hacienda La Esmeralda geisha on offer. It’s one we hope returns this year.

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